Movement Foundation announces loan officer Carl Garrett as a recent winner of the Movement 10k, an ongoing campaign to grant $10,000 to nonprofits and charities significant to Movement employees.

After submitting a 30-second video about why the Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP) deserved to win the $10,000 grant, Garrett waited anxiously to find out if he would have the honor of presenting the substantial donation to the cause he has volunteered with for over five years.

There are many people in our area who own homes but have basic needs such as better insulation to reduce their electric bills or wheelchair ramps that allow elderly people easier access to their homes,” Garrett says. “Sometimes it is the little things that make the greatest differences in people’s lives. That is exactly what AHIP does and does well.”

Since its founding, AHIP has performed minor and critical house repairs for low-income homeowners unable to afford the fixes themselves. Its clients include the elderly, retirees, people who are disabled and multi-generational households. Today, it receives 10 to 15 calls per week from people who need critical home repairs or emergency renovations with calls spiking during severe weather.

“The grant of $10,000 from Movement Foundation makes a significant difference in reaching our primary goal of helping as many residents as we can, doing as much for them as we can, and doing the best work possible that will have the most impact on their health and safety. AHIP’s work is made possible by a healthy mix of public and private funding partners,” Jennifer Jacobs, AHIP Executive Director said.