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Friday, Nov. 18, 2022

It’s been a long week for Charlottesville and UVA.

The subject of today’s newsletter, like Tuesday’s, is again the shooting at UVA Sunday night, and the aftermath of that violence. We understand if you prefer to step away from the news or not click on links. We encourage you to consider your well-being as you follow this tragedy; it will be with us for a long time.

The report we are sharing today by Jessie Higgins and Tamica Jean-Charles is about those of us in Charlottesville who are not connected to UVA.

Thousands of UVA students, faculty and staff received dozens of messages from Sunday night through Monday morning to shelter in place while police searched for the suspect. UVA students were locked down in dorm rooms, libraries, labs and other common areas for 12 hours while law enforcement searched for the suspected shooter Sunday night. At the same time, city residents who live just blocks from the shooting were completely unaware of the potential danger.

Why? We asked local law enforcement for answers.

A close-up of a hand holding an iPhone, showing text messages in all capital letters.
Credit: Angilee Shah/Charlottesville Tomorrow

UVA Police locked down campus during Sunday night’s manhunt, but did not alert community members living blocks away

“It’s scary to think that a shooter was loose in my city for so long and I had no idea,” Paige Robinson said. “We’re the same community.”

Charlottesville Tomorrow is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to serving Charlottesville and the surrounding areas with important and helpful information. We know there are many reporters from around the country in Charlottesville, investigating and asking tough questions right now. We know that our colleagues in local media are putting in long hours to bring you important information. In the coming weeks, we will share that work to help you follow these events.

We also know that there have been other shootings in our communities. We are working to bring context and depth to our reporting on gun violence, public health and trauma. This work takes time, and we are committed to continuing it.

As we see places where we can use our reporting resources to help fill in information, we will. If you have tips, ideas or feedback about what would be most helpful to you, please let us know here.

Here’s a summary of the news so far.

First, here are the basics of what happened Sunday night and Monday morning, when three UVA students were killed, and two were injured in a shooting on Culbreth Road. The campus went on lockdown for 12 hours while police searched for the suspected shooter. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was caught and has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and using a handgun in commission of a felony, and two counts of malicious wounding.

A screenshot of a Google map with a red circle in the middle and the words "University of Virginia shooting"
Credit: Screenshot

UVA was locked down for 12 hours before the suspect in a shooting on campus was caught

Thanks for being with us this week,

Angilee Shah, editor-in-chief

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