Albemarle County has made available an

on-line citizen survey related to cash proffer policies


Visit the survey and share your opinion

by Friday, June 15th!  The

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

will be reviewing the results at their June 20th work session.  Voluntary proffers are are typically offered as part of a rezoning request from a developer to the County to mitigate the impact of the development on the community.  Proffers are a very important aspect of the

Biscuit Run development

currently under review by Albemarle County.

In May, the Supervisors received recommendations from the

Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee

for the County to change its methodology related to cash proffers. On May 2nd, the Board approved some placeholder proffer amounts for different types of homes.  For example, a single family detached home will now have a cash proffer expectation of $17,500 from the developer. In recent developments, Albemarle has accepted about $3,200 as a cash proffer for each of these homes.  The County is seeking your feedback as it reviews the committee’s recommendations on methodology and works them into a formal proffer policy.

For a number of reasons, the methodology developed by the committee does not address water/sewer needs or the costs of capital infrastructure not


in the County’s 10-year capital budget.  With new legislation recently passed by the General Assembly, Albemarle may be able to take a broader view of the community’s infrastructure needs that could be supported by cash proffers.  That issue is still under review.

Proffers have been an important issue covered in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s blogs.  You can read those stories that discuss proffers from

Charlottesville Tomorrow

and the

local mainstream media


Brian Wheeler


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