Scott Bandy (I), candidate for Charlottesville City Council
Libertarian Scott Bandy is a candidate for  Charlottesville City Council.  Three of the five at-large seats on Council will be determined in the Nov. 3 election. Other candidates include: Wes Bellamy (D); Kathy Galvin (D); Anson Parker (R); and Mike Signer (D).

Each candidate was interviewed by Charlottesville Tomorrow and asked 11 questions about their qualifications, priorities and important quality of life issues.  Included in the box at the right are links to the full transcript and audio recording of those interviews (also available on iTunes).

Highlights of all the candidate responses are available in this downloadable 2015 Voter Guide. The biographical information below is provided by each candidate.

Bio: Scott moved to the urban ring within the county in 1989. By 1993, he was residing in the city of Charlottesville. Growing up in Stafford County, he was raised in a civically observant and responsible family. Throughout his life, Scott worked in both small business and large-scale stores alike. His positions have ranged from 9 to 5 assignments to scarcely active graveyard shifts. Readapting has been and is a constant in both his employment and retirement history. Scott has now lived long enough where at least one of the higher collegiate institutes he (uneventfully) attended is no longer publicly open. Lastly, he remains a devout caregiver to his long time housemate.

Education: High School and entry year of College

Occupation: Retired

Previous political experience: Candidate for City Council in 2011

Age on Election Day: 54

Neighborhood: Cherry Avenue within Fry’s Spring

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Family: My mother became widowed in July of 2011. Patricia (sister) and her children Alison, Amy, Brian and Chris (the boys are fraternal twins).                                                                                                      

Other interests and experiences:

Humor, composing lyrical musical parodies, hobbyist photographer, going upon local guided historical tours, Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association, Libertarian Party, knowing the difference between “single stream” and “presort” recycling and anything that’s not turning back the clock again.

Telephone: (434) 242-1851