Charlottesville Tomorrow created questionnaires for local candidates in Central Virginia based on issues readers said they care about. See all the candidates and information about voting in the 2022 Voter Guide.

In lieu of responding to the questions, Scottsville Town Council candidate Dan Gristko submitted the following statement:

I’m very excited about Scottsville as a town and do all I can to promote it. 

I’m wanting to help our town be both mindful of it’s past and to plan for our future. I have served in our local community for various ways since we moved here over 2 decades ago. I am so much wanting to help our town plan for the future and try to do all that I can to help in that regard. I’ve worked for the past 10 years to help make Scottsville’s largest park, more accessible to people, and to protect it for future generations. Thank you for working to help voters be aware of the issues and those running. 

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