Charlottesville Tomorrow created questionnaires for local candidates in Central Virginia based on issues readers said they care about.

The following is from Bill Hyson, a write in candidate who is running for town council in the Scottsville, in Fluvanna and Albemarle counties. See all the candidates and information about voting in the 2022 Voter Guide.

What are three of the most pressing issues facing your community right now? How will you address them if reelected to Orange Town Council?

I think the three most pressing issues in Scottsville are:

  • Analysing both the known impacts and unintended consequences of the proposed large apartment development, which could be located at the end of a small quiet neighbourhood street
  • Developing a workable maintenance plan and overseeing the maintenance of the parks, streets, and buildings in the town
  • Reviewing, advising, and providing oversight of our small-town budget

I am currently on a very active government service committee that is discussing and making recommendations on each of these important issues.

How do you plan on bolstering your local economy?

The town has an Economic Development Committee that works with the Chamber of Commerce to promote business growth.

Do you support banning guns on town property?

The state prohibits carrying firearms in public areas. Local government must adhere to such state policies, which I support.

Are there capital projects that need to be completed in your jurisdiction? If so, how do you propose completing those?

Most capital projects have been completed or begun. Currently there are some much needed renovations being done at Canal Basin Square, a historic park and tourist attraction.

Do you support raising or lowering tax rates in your jurisdiction? If so, why, which taxes and to what extent?

I do not support a separate town property tax, but would consider an increase in lodging or meals taxes. I prefer the town first cut unnecessary expenditures to maintain a balanced budget.

Do you support your jurisdiction taking measures to reduce carbon emissions? If so, what measures do you support? If not, why?

I support reducing carbon emissions and hope the town will continue looking into the possibility of installing solar panels on the public buildings.

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