Woodard Properties has partnered with Sun Tribe Solar in their efforts to use clean energy for their properties. The 145-killowatt solar array for 1747 Allied Street, in McIntire Plaza, is the latest in the company’s ongoing ventures to support a sustainable lifestyle for residents, commercial users, and the Charlottesville community.

Typically associated with efforts to provide affordable student housing in the area, Woodard Properties has expanded into other areas of real estate and development, including the commercial building industry. In 2007 they purchased McIntire Plaza, and since, have been dedicated to revitalizing the space.  McIntire Plaza is a dynamic area featuring an eclectic mix of food, art, retail, and local entrepreneurship of all shapes and sizes.

At the end of Allied Street Woodard Properties is completing the final stage of an additional 36 apartments and 32,000 square feet of commercial space.  The Circle at McIntire Plaza will be a welcomed addition to the vibrant and colorful community at McIntire Plaza.  Businesses and residents will enjoy the benefits of mix-use development living just steps away from each other.  What sets The Circle at McIntire Plaza apart, is the implementation of green-design features applied to the entire development. The buildings are insulated above industry standard, completely equipped with LED lighting, and 22,000 square feet of rooftop on the property will include solar energy infrastructure to help offset energy usage.

The founder of Woodard Properties, Keith Woodard, said, “We are a green-oriented business, we always have been, and we will continue to be. This is our first solar installation, and hopefully it’s the first of many.”  

The 145-kilowatt project was a direct purchase from Sun Tribe Solar, financed by the city-funded Charlottesville Commercial Clean Loan Fund administered by Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). “We really enjoyed working with Woodard Properties and Union Bank on the Allied Street solar installation,” said Lesley Fore, LEAP’s executive director. “Since the beginning of this year, the Charlottesville Commercial Clean Energy Loan Program—a rate reduction program—has enabled $1.8 million in financed projects and grown the City’s distributed solar by 0.81 megawatts. Businesses such as Woodard Properties see the value in energy efficiency and renewables not only in their bottom line, but also in the prosperity of the whole city and the well-being of its citizens.”

This unique system incorporates bifacial solar panels, which offer an upgrade from traditional panels. Unlike traditional panels, where one side of the module is glass, bifacial panels are glass on both sides. This enables solar energy production from both sides of the panel. To further increase efficiency, the black rooftop was replaced with a white membrane roof, as a white roof increases the sunlight reflection. Overall, the combination of the bifacial panels and the white roof will lead to an 8% increase in energy output.

This solar project will provide an offset of 207 megawatt hours per year for 1747 Allied Street, in McIntire Plaza. This is the equivalent to saving 17,335 gallons of gasoline, or planting 3,992 trees. Energy savings and sustainability are two core standards for Woodard Properties. “We enjoy partnering with businesses who not only appreciate the economic value of solar, but are also passionate about reducing their impact on the environment.” said Sun Tribe’s Devin Welch, “Woodard Properties is exactly that, a business that is leading Charlottesville into the clean energy future.” 

About Woodard Properties:

Woodard Properties is a multi-faceted company that has been developing and acquiring real estate in Charlottesville, Virginia for over 40 years. The company has the in-house capabilities and expertise to design, build, lease and manage both residential and commercial properties. With its roots in student housing, Woodard Properties currently owns and manages various property types, including affordable and traditional rental housing, revitalized commercial buildings and rehabilitated historic structures. The company’s goal is to be Charlottesville’s most respected development and property management company and strives to accomplish this by participating in and supporting numerous non-profit organizations, engaging employees by using open-book management and offering quality properties while providing excellent customer service.

About LEAP:

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) is a 501-nonprofit located in Charlottesville, VA. As a trusted nonprofit, LEAP delivers direct education and services for improved energy performance that address climate change; create cost savings for families and businesses; healthier, safer, and more durable buildings; and local jobs and economic growth. Learn more at leap-va.org.

About Sun Tribe Solar:

Sun Tribe Solar is an industry leader in the engineering, procurement, and construction of large-scale solar facilities. Sun Tribe Solar team members bring over 1 GW of solar PV experience to the market and have successfully built generating facilities for well-known utilities including Dominion, PSEG, Exelon, and Entergy. Our engineers and project managers have led the design and construction of projects in 13 different states on projects ranging in size from 2 MW to over 63 MW. In the past two years, Sun Tribe Solar has successfully delivered 26 solar/solar+storage projects for high profile clients, including Carilion Health Systems, Northrup Grumman, and the University of Virginia.

Sun Tribe Solar was established in April 2016 to reshape the renewable energy industry on the east coast. Today, Sun Tribe Solar is the fastest-growing solar company in Virginia, helping develop the local renewable energy ecosystem and moving the east coast to the forefront of the renewable energy movement.