The verdict is in: Charlottesville City Schools will now engage in collective bargaining.

The crowd broke out clapping and hugging as City Schools became the third school division in Virginia to pass collective bargaining.

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“It’s been a journey and I’m really pleased to be a part of it,” said Board Member Lisa Larson-Torres.

Last month, the school board announced its support for collective bargaining.

The union originally submitted its proposal last spring after reaching a super majority among City School employees. Almost a year later, the union and the school board will now engage in two bargaining units — one for licensed employees (such as teachers and technicians) and another for all other workers (such as custodians).

Now the union will work out which items — like benefits and wages — it wants to negotiate with the board. Each unit is allowed to negotiate two issues per contract. The first contract will last three years. After that, the two parties can haggle again.

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