An aerial view of a commercial lot with an architectural rendering on top. The logo "Stony Point Development Group" and the text "Draft Conceptual Plan — Option 2" are at the top.
The developer that owns Dairy Market is planning to expand. These are the plans they submit to Charlottesville's city government. Credit: Courtesy of Stony Point Development Group

The company that built Dairy Market in Charlottesville is planning a major expansion into the lots to the southeast of the new commercial space, where Twice is Nice and Fifth Season Garden now exist.

Stony Point Development Group is holding a community meeting at the Old Trinity Church (which the developer also owns) on the corner of 10th Street and Grady Avenue from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25. Anyone can attend.

Logo reads "Short & Important"

Charlottesville requires developers to hold community meetings before they can apply for a permit with the city — so this is part of Stony Point’s application process. The city required the developer to send a letter notifying residents of the meeting to any property owners within 500 feet of the proposed new development, which Charlottesville Tomorrow requested from the city.

But residents have said that the meeting has not been advertised to the broader 10th & Page neighborhood.

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