On Wednesday, May 10, Dashad Cooper, Bob Fenwick, Natalie Oschrin, Michael Payne and Lloyd Snook — the five Democratic candidates nominated for Charlottesville City Council — will appear at a candidate forum at the Hillsdale Conference Center.

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The candidates will take questions from moderators Sean Tubbs and Neil Williamson on zoning, affordable housing, public safety, equity, organizational issues, and economic development and be given a chance to introduce voters to their vision for the city, according to a news release from the forum’s hosts.

The forum is open to the public. It begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Hillsdale Conference Center Ballroom, at 550 Hillsdale Dr. in Charlottesville. The event will also be live streamed, according to the news release, though the hosts have not yet shared a link.

The Democratic Primary Election is June 20. Early voting for the Democratic Primary begins Thursday, May 5.

The three of these five candidates who get the most votes that day will go on to the Nov. 20 General Election to run for the three seats opening on the Council, said Chief Deputy Registrar Joshua Jenkins.

The Democratic primary winners might run against Republican or other party candidates, but as of May 3 there was no Republican Primary Election scheduled. Republicans (or any other party or Independents) could still participate in the November election if they have a candidate selected by convention or some other non-primary means by June 20.

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