Charlottesville’s city-wide rezoning process takes yet another step toward its final phase.

City Council has a work session tonight to consider a new draft. The most significant change it will see is the creation of a new type of residential district, “Residential Core Neighborhood A” (RN-A).

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The RN-A district is similar to the “Sensitive Communities Overlay” concept suggested in the Future Land Use Map (FLUM), said Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg. It’s meant to help ease the pressures of gentrification in the city’s historically low-income and racially diverse neighborhoods: 10th and Page, parts of Venable, Fifeville, Rose Hill, and Ridge Street. But it’s not meant to prevent the creation of new housing entirely.

“The intent of this district is to encourage the construction and continued existence of moderately priced housing, the creation and preservation of affordable housing, to respect the cultural heritage of the neighborhoods, and to support the overall promotion of a convenient and harmonious community,” reads the Commission’s recommended text.

During its Oct. 18 meeting, the Charlottesville Planning Commission recommended the draft zoning ordinance to the City Council, with some changes. The commission held a public hearing for the draft ordinance on Sept. 14.

A colorful map with letters and the title: "City of Charlottesville Zoning Map - RN-A (Residential Core Neighborhood A) District, Draft - Oct 2023"
Find the October draft zoning for Charlottesville in a PDF, with a legend, on the city’s website here. Credit: Screenshot from the City Council Special Meeting notice for Oct. 25, 2023

View the updated draft zoning ordinance, which includes some of the commission’s changes here. See the full map, including the boundaries of the RN-A districts as suggested by the Planning Commission, here.

City Council’s work session is tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at CitySpace at 100 Fifth St. NE, just off the Downtown Mall. To attend virtually, register for the Zoom meeting here.

A second work session will be held Wednesday, Nov. 1, also at 6 p.m. The location for that session hasn’t been set, but will be posted to the Cville Plans Together website

At this time, the Council has not set a date for a public hearing about the draft zoning ordinance. After the public hearing, it will go before the Council for a vote.

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